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Creati-va propriul formular de contact, folosind serviciul nostru online. Dupa ce va inreigtrati, din contul dumneavostra se pot creea formularele dorite. Este usor sa construiesti un formular, trebuie doar sa urmati pasii si instuctiunile oferite de serviciile noastre.
De fiecare data cand un formular este completat ve-ti primi un email de confirmare cu informatiile introduse. In contul dumneavostra setati unde doriti sa primiti aceste informatii. Informatiile primite sunt salvate in contul dumneavostra si se se pot citi si transfera intr-un fisier excel.
Informatiile dumeavostra sunt pastrate in siguranta pe servarul nostru. Fiecare formular are optiunea de a fi protejat de un cod captcha care protejeaza impotriva spammurilor. Programele si scripturile care vor incerca sa trimita spam vor fi oprite.
Totul se face online.
totul se face online.
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No Software to Download or Install.
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TuClouds Security:

  • TuClouds use captcha protection in web forms, so you can be sure that only humans are submitting your form.
  • When a tuclouds web form is submitted you will have all the information sent to you by e-mail.
  • All submissions suspected to be spam are delivered to a separate e-mail address set up by you.
  • When you use a contact form instead of the e-mail address on your site, it can dramatically decrease spam, as e-mail harvesters cant pass through well designed web forms.
  • TuClouds users, preferred web forms are: contact form, e-mail form, feedback forms, order form.
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Despre TuClouds:

You can later login to your account, edit forms, add new forms, view statistics about your form submissions, and more.

Here are a few of the features that Form tuclouds offers:

1. No software to download or install.

You can create your forms easy online, with our form wizard, then copy paste to your site. Nothing to install, they will just work!

2. Free Membership, No Ads

Signup for free, and you do not have any Ads in your control panel nor on your forms. There is no time limit for the free membership, and no limit on form submissions! Our service is supported by the silver and gold plan.

3. Easy online intuitive Form Wizard Has a stepped interface, and at each step you are required to enter simple details about your form, such as the form name, email address where to send the form to, number of fields, etc. Try it!

4. Send you an email message when submitted

You can specify up to 10 email addresses, and each time your visitors submit a form, you will get an email with the form submission.

5. Form Autoreply

The visitor who submitted your form can receive an email with the form submission form you, automatically.

More Features.....